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Jeanne Designs makes visually appealing sites. Distinctive Designs and Functionality for the Web

JeannE Designs builds mobile ready websites for smartphones and tables.  Videos resize for easy viewing on all mobile devices.Making web sites that are visually appealing and unique to you or your company is our specialty. Designing a site that compliments your marketing material or flows with your logo is what we do best. Why spend your energy or money on a site that looks like everyone else on the web?

We also build mobile ready websites which can be viewed easily on smartphones or tablets. If you have videos on your site, we can program them to resize on your mobile devices for user friendly viewing.

Here are a few suggestions when you are gathering material for your site:

Provide a large, clear copy of your logo.
Collect photos of your product, or pictures of the services you provide.
Gather up any printed material about you or your business such as brochures, handouts, testimonials, etc.
Make a list of your contact information including social media, and include a paragraph about yourself or your firm.
Write down what you would like your web site to say about you or your company.
Make a list of websites that you find appealing.

The more material that you provide, the easier it is to create a web design that sells your product, service, or information effectively.

Domain Registration

If you don't already have a domain name secured, we can help you to do so. We purchase domain names through, an Accredited ICANN Registrar.

The following is some very basic information that will answer questions you might have about domain names and your rights and benefits.

Our pricing reflects the pricing schedule on As a courtesy, will send renewal reminders via email to the Domain Owner contact listed in the WHOIS database, but if secured your domain name(s) for you, we will be charging your account for the domain purchase or renewal. It will not be necessary for you to pay as they are directly withdrawing funds for domain purchase or renewal from our account with them. offers domain registration as a service to you. At anytime, you may transfer your domain name to a registrar of your choice. If requested, we will send you the information you need to complete the transfer. You may, of course, already have a domain name registered with another registrar. In which case, you will need to provide us with the information we need to direct the domain name servers to our web hosting servers at the time your new site is ready to go live.

  Distinctive Designs and Functionality for the Web